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We are the owners operators of Menu King. It is our mission to provide our customers with high quality menus and advertising. 

Bringing Small Businesses together all over the country. To share in the all important role of advertising and the mutual success of all. Restaurants supporting local businesses and local businesses supporting the local Restaurant. Sharing customers, enjoying good food, increasing customers. 

Our History

 We started out in North Carolina in 2002 and moved to the beautiful state or Oregon in 2005 where we made our first menus in Klamath Falls. We now have menus not only in Oregon but in California and Nevada as well 

Our Specialties

 We specialize in beautiful custom made menus for Restaurants, for free. We also provide custom made ads for business in the areas around the restaurant, at low prices. 

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We have slashed our prices to give customers more savings.


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Menu King USA

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